The members of Hazzard have been rocking the local music scene for many years in some of the highest profile bands around. After admiring each other for years they all decided, why not form something new to the scene, challenging, and fun? The key to the band isn't just the fact that they all enjoy playing the music, nor is it the fact that they enjoy the musicianship and fun they have on stage. It's the fact that the band thrives on good times and friendship, they all truly enjoy being around each other. That makes for a special band and the joy and enthusiasm shines through in their live performances.


Hazzard County is:

Eric Bleile- Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Suez Houde- Lead Vocals

Scott White- Lead Guitar, Vocals

Tom Tribuzi0- Lead Guitars

Keith Vidic- Bass, Vocals

Chris Breton- Drums, Vocals

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